January 16   

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Current Dances

Sheriff’s Ride (Raggle Taggle Gypsy)   Lichfield
John Gaye’s Dance (Over The Hills)   Bampton
Rose Tree   Bampton
Highland Mary  Bampton
Upton Hankies (Bonnets So Blue)   Upton
Valentine  Under Wychwood

Stave Dances
William’s Wey    Fleur de Lys
Roxburgh Castle   Fleur de Lys
Speed the Plough    Dorset Borders
Cattershall Capers   Fleur de Lys
Magic Circles   Fleur de Lys
Swanage Swans   Fleur de Lys

Not for Joe (Farewell Manchester)  Ilmington
Horsham Taught Us  Horsham
Little Plough Boy  Abingdon
Vandals of Hammerwich  Lichfield
Spider’s Web  Fleur de Lys
Mr.Dolly (Blue Eyed Stranger)  Fleur de Lys
Landlord  Adderbury

Farncombe Tradition Fleur de Lys
Cuckoo’s Nest
Petticoat Swirls
Brian Boru



Tin whistle Tabs

We have some great musicians play for Fleurs, but if like me – you like to have a bit of a go at the whistle, and have neither the time or inclination to read music (hard enough learning the dances!), you might want to give my tabs a go – just find the tunes on Youtube to get the idea, and play along, these are the basic melodies, a reasonable start hopefully.
Do let me know if you have any tabs for folk tunes yourselves, they can be pretty hard to find. Jane

Uttoxeter Swing Whistle Tabs – D no high notes!
554 345 22346
554 345 23432
554 345 22346
5151 234565
11123 22234 33345 432
11123 22234 5151 234565

Bear Dance Whistle tabs – D no High notes!
155 155 33432
32 11 22 33 4
155 155 33432
32 11 22 33 4
32 11 22 33 4